Matthew Sharpe

Please note: my website has been hacked by, it seems, a website listing the best online casinos of 2015. We’re working on creating a new website. In the mean time, here are a few hard facts, and a few soft ones. (Also, dear hackers from the website listing the best online casinos: Why?)

I, Matthew Sharpe, am an American writer of novels, stories, and sometimes essays. My novels, in reverse chronological order, are You Were Wrong, Jamestown, The Sleeping Father, and Nothing Is Terrible. My short story collection is Stories from the Tube. I’m working on a collection of very short stories, many of which you may find at my blog, Very Short Stories R Us.

I’ve taught writing at Columbia University, Wesleyan University, Bard College, New College of Florida, and Pratt Institute. I work with writers one-on-one as an editor and writing coach—there’s a little more information about the services I offer here. If you want my help with a work of fiction or nonfiction, please find me at